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Seeking the heart of God

in Eugene



What do you believe?

What anchors your hope?

What matters most?

Welcome to the conversation.

Welcome to Emerald Community Fellowship.


We certainly do not have all the answers but we wonder how the journey of faith unfolds individually.

Our Mission


As believers we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. We try to be outward focused. Some would call it a "missional" approach. Our interest is joining the activity of God in our world, involving ourselves with other churches and organizations, sharing the "Good News" of the love of God where people are. We are called to love God and love others.

Wednesday Bible Discussion 
meets @ 1pm via Zoom
Our next opportunity to serve at
The Dining Room
270 W. 8th Avenue in Eugene

We are volunteering every 3rd Tuesday from 11:45-2pm



Sunday Morning worship at 10:00 AM.

Wednesday Bible Discussion Group, 1:00 PM (at Emerald)


Any additional information will be announced on our website.

Our Neighbors

CitySalt Church
Worship 5:30pm Sunday's

Collegiate Christian Fellowship "CCF"

Thursday @ 8:00 PM


The Healing Project


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